Sleeping is an important factor for preping your mind for work and the upcoming day. The Entrepreneur Magazine posted an article in which the writer shared:

So develop a good sleep routine that takes into consideration your habits, schedule and natural-sleep inclination. Make sure you start your day properly, regardless of what time that may be, with a great morning routine.

Take a look at this infographic about sleeping patterns and how successful people structure their sleep for maximum performance.


Based on what we have researched here are a few pointers about how to sleep better:

Sleep is among the cheapest luxuries that you could afford your body. However, for reasons that maybe unknown, some people do not get sleep coming as naturally as with others. As such, sleeping to them could be more of a punishment than a luxury. However, by following these simple tips on how to get some sleep, you could be able to get your shut eye without much trouble.

The first and possibly the most important thing is to be comfortable. If you’re not comfortable in your sleep, it is bound to be quite restless. Things like temperature, position and clothing could be a big hindrance to your sleep. Ensure that the temperature is right and adopt some proper sleeping techniques. You can learn more about the positions from the sleep foundation website. You should also ensure that you have loose and comfortable clothing in bed.

Light could be another hindrance to your ability to sleep. You may want to consider sleeping in total darkness by switching off all the lights. However, emphasis has to be enforced on blue lights since it finds a way of robbing you of sleep. More information on how blue light can affect your sleep is available on the WebMD website. However, if you can’t switch off the lights, then it is advisable to turn away from the source of light, make a slip mask or maybe have the night lights in the hallway so that not much of the light comes into the room.

Finally after getting comfortable, you need to relax. The trick is in not trying to think too hard about sleeping. Just relax and think of boring things and at times it helps if you can think of black. Before you know it, you will be ferried to slumber land. Make sure that you don’t do things like visit a website or play games on your phone in bed, this will help make your future attempts to sleep easier and less stressful.

We also found this interesting video about sleeping for entrepreneurs:

Sleeping for Entrepreneurs: Don’t Feel Guilty